Howdy there folks. After much ado, more than a year actually since I intended to do this, I have finally set up a blog page. Tsk Tsk, Talk about procrastination! Anyway, the important thing is, the deed is done now.

The point of this page is to talk about life from the perspective of a single, over 30, professional, black African Christian woman. I think everything in that previous sentence is a challenge on its own, and I think all of them put together to construct a sentence that describes my very life, whoa, it gives for a very interesting take on everything. Life, love, friendships. Personal expectations vis a vis reality. Societal expectations and norms. Breaking these in some (most, cough cough) cases, conforming to some.

I welcome you onboard and welcome any respectful comments and thoughts concerning each article posted. This outta be fun.

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